Cloud Sherpas

I just read about a startup company made-up of former Emory students called Cloud Sherpas. Their business is to assist companies in migrating to and maintaining Google Enterprise Apps. They also do Google App Engine development. This is a great service (and a great name) since most small companies don’t realize the value and reduced cost they could achieve by adopting Google Enterprise Applications for email, shared documents, collaboration websites (for employees, customers, and partners), groups, and chat (voice and text) just to name a few of the services available from Google at little or no cost to the business. I’m not sure why a small to mid-size business today would want to do anything else especially given the tight economic times we are in now. And I have to add that whoever thought up the name Cloud Sherpas is a genius.

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  1. One reason not to put everything, particularly email in the hands of Google is that Google has no accountability. It's free and when it doesn't work, just too bad.

    Recently one of our clients who moved to Google apps mail against our advice has been losing high value leads to the spam bin. And they can't get Gmail to stop binning the leads.

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