Southern Fried Roadshow

Today I attended the June 2009 Southern Fried Roadshow at Microsoft Southeast Division Offices in Alpharetta, GA. This 1/2 day event (1-5pm) covered highlights from MIX, Windows 7, Internet Explorer 8, Silverlight 3 and Windows Azure. I really wanted to see the Azure material but alas I couldn’t make it through the prelims. Like most good productions they saved the sexy information (Azure) until the last part of the day. I was sitting there listening to a presentation on programming power settings in Windows 7…and decided to call it a day. I felt a little guilty getting up to leave early but when I turned around the guy sitting behind me was sound asleep 🙂 Sure wish I could have heard the 411 on Azure…oh well. One day I’m sure Microsoft will catch up with Starbucks, Curry Honda customer service waiting room, and the store where I always buy tires (Midtown Tire on Ponce)…and provide WiFi to visitors!!!!!  With a little WiFi I would have easily waited until the Azure presentation started…but sitting there without access to the Internet is truely unbearable…sorry I’m just being honest. 

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