WordPress Meetup in Atlanta

IMG_7166Attended my first WordPress meetup in Atlanta last night. Location was a new co-working facility just off Ponce called Ignition Alley.  The presenter was Brett Bumeter, former corporate whistle blower and now WordPress theme designer and evangelist for Artisteer, a new and popular WordPress theme development tool. I saw Brett deliver a similar presentation on Artisteer back in September at Birmingham WordCamp so I made the effort to see him speak at the October WordPress meetup in Atlanta. The title of Brett’s presentation is “Design Your First WordPress Theme in Minutes”  and covers the basics of Artisteer as well as some advanced techniques like automatically switching themes depending on page.  I have not previously considered applying multiple themes per site until hearing Brett’s presentation. Artisteer makes using multiple themes per site easy since you can simply tweak a saved theme in Artisteer and save it as a new theme. And then using a short php code snippet provided by Brett it’s a piece of cake to switch themes depending on the page being displayed. Pretty cool. Due to the holidays the Atlanta WordPress meetup won’t meet again until 2010. I’m looking forward to future meetings.

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