Atlanta Salesforce User Group Meetup September 2010

This morning I made it to the September Atlanta Salesforce User Group meetup. The September meetup was held at Manhattan Associates on Windy Hill Road in Marietta. I have to compliment Manhattan Associates on the quality of the facility…it was very nice to say the least. And I so appreciated not having to hassle with security to get into the building…just walked right in. Once I discovered there was free and open WIFI, I settled in for what I anticipated would be an enjoyable meetup.

The presentations were great…focusing mostly on sales automation, lead strategy, and tools/resources for developers…I took lots of notes….signed up for a free sales automation account at LoopFuse…and came away with tons of links to development tools that I will need to research. Some of the more interesting tools mentioned were Jitterbit and Talend, both of which are free open source data and application integration platforms. Oh and I learned a new technical term, “dirt bound,” as in “dirt bound system” or “dirt bound database.” Dirt bound is opposite from  “Cloud Based” of course 🙂

Props to the presenters, Roy Russo co-founder of LoopFuse; Ernie Megazzini, founder and CEO of Redxlerant; and Bill McGinnis of Astadia Inc.

The whole meetup experience was very good. I attend a lot of meetups around Atlanta and this is one of the best.

Finally I have to mention the refreshments were outstanding…an amazing array of bagels, pastries, fruit, coffee, juice, etc. I was a little overwhelmed by the variety and quantity actually…felt like being a kid in front of a huge candy counter 🙂

I think I will be attending many future Salesforce User Group meetups!

Thanks to Venkat Polisetti for organizing and running the group.

Google IT Executive Summit

Today I attended Google’s IT Executive Summit at the swanky Westin Buckhead…which was nice since the hotel is located just two miles from my house…making my morning commute so much better than usual.

I don’t get the opportunity to attend many Google events so I made sure not to miss this one (someday I’m going to make it all the way to Google I/O in San Fran).

Presentations were packed with information about Google Enterprise Apps…which I love and use constantly all day every day. I picked up some useful tips from the demos…several of which have already been of benefit. And learned a few new interesting facts I can use to amaze friends, for example, I didn’t know Google is the 4th largest server manufacturer in the World…how’d that happen?

I also learned some useful info I’d been missing with regard to storage limits on Google Apps accounts. I manage a premium Google App account at work, and I’ve never understood how much storage space we actually have on all the different services…both for the individual and for the overall account. It turns out each individual gets 25 gig for gmail and unlimited storage for Google Docs! Now that we can upload any type of document into a docs account there is a limit on storage for these non Google Doc documents of one gig per account. And for Google Sites a premium Google Apps account has 10 gig plus 1/2 gig per individual account. So for example if your premium account has 100 individual accounts the total storage you would have available for all sites is 10 + 50 gig for a total of 60 gig.  Good to know!

The venue at the Westin was packed with customers and fans of Google….it was a very good turnout. Actually I believe it was full…a “sold out” free event.

Oh and I have to mention the breakfast was wonderful…eggs, bacon, ham, fruit, grits, and more….yum 🙂

Looking forward to the next Google event in Atlanta.