Atlanta Salesforce User Group Meetup September 2010

This morning I made it to the September Atlanta Salesforce User Group meetup. The September meetup was held at Manhattan Associates on Windy Hill Road in Marietta. I have to compliment Manhattan Associates on the quality of the facility…it was very nice to say the least. And I so appreciated not having to hassle with security to get into the building…just walked right in. Once I discovered there was free and open WIFI, I settled in for what I anticipated would be an enjoyable meetup.

The presentations were great…focusing mostly on sales automation, lead strategy, and tools/resources for developers…I took lots of notes….signed up for a free sales automation account at LoopFuse…and came away with tons of links to development tools that I will need to research. Some of the more interesting tools mentioned were Jitterbit and Talend, both of which are free open source data and application integration platforms. Oh and I learned a new technical term, “dirt bound,” as in “dirt bound system” or “dirt bound database.” Dirt bound is opposite from  “Cloud Based” of course 🙂

Props to the presenters, Roy Russo co-founder of LoopFuse; Ernie Megazzini, founder and CEO of Redxlerant; and Bill McGinnis of Astadia Inc.

The whole meetup experience was very good. I attend a lot of meetups around Atlanta and this is one of the best.

Finally I have to mention the refreshments were outstanding…an amazing array of bagels, pastries, fruit, coffee, juice, etc. I was a little overwhelmed by the variety and quantity actually…felt like being a kid in front of a huge candy counter 🙂

I think I will be attending many future Salesforce User Group meetups!

Thanks to Venkat Polisetti for organizing and running the group.

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  1. Mike, Thank you for attending the meeting. We are already for the next meeting in November and its going to be more hands-on than the slide-show.


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