Web Services Magic at the November PHP Users Group Meetup

The November 2010 Atlanta PHP Users Group Meetup held on November 3rd covered web service APIs for Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon.

Moses Ngone gave the fist presentation, an introduction to web services. Moses did a good job explaining the main components  of web services…access, request, and handle response. He then drilled down into more detail on  each component. First on access methods…none required, basic authentication, and OAUTH which is quickly becoming the standard. PHP requests consisting of curl or file_get_contents. And finally response takes the form of  xml, json(p), or serialized.

Next up Joey Rivera presented on the specifics on using web services of Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon. Joey’s presentation included lots of good code examples and useful tips like using the ZEND framework to handle all of the oauth magic for you. All of Joey’s code examples and presentation can be found here on his website.

The meetup was packed with only a handful of empty seats. I counted 32 attendees.

I always enjoy these technology meetups and seeing first hand the enthusiasm and passion of Atlanta’s technology community.

Funny thing after the meeting (which was held in room 577 at Colony Square) I stepped onto the Arts station Marta platform and to my surprise there stood my next door neighbors waiting for the same train. For anyone not living in Atlanta…this is a once in a lifetime coincidence I can assure you. So I even got a welcome ride home from the Marta station…a nice ending to a nice evening.