Salesforce Platform Workshop

Living in Atlanta gives me the opportunity to attend many top quality technology events entirely free of charge (except for an occasional parking fee). I recently attended one such event…a one day hands-on development class held at the Atlanta Salesforce offices, located on the 33rd floor of the One Atlanta Plaza building in Buckhead just across the street from the Lenox Marta Station…nice location!

View of Buckhead skyline from Atlanta Salesforce Offices

The class, Salesforce Platform Workshop, was standing room only and they actually had to bring in extra chairs to accommodate additional unexpected attendees. A printed workbook was provided but you could also follow online at

Class entailed a series of hands-on exercises building a conference management application from scratch that included applying some of the latest technologies, Process Builder and Lightening Connect.  We even entered and deployed some Apex code for triggers to send email notifications whenever new records were entered. We ran out of time before the final module, deploying an app on Heroku and using the Salesforce REST APIs, but since we have the workbook I was able to work through this module afterwards on my own.

Two best tips I picked up were (1) you can’t make a standard object the detail in a Master-Detail relationship and (2) always put the relationship field on the object that needs to lookup, a concept I often get confused about.

The most valuable part of the day for me was working through an exercise using Lightening Connect to sync an external data source via a REST interface so that it looks like part of the application. This was something I wasn’t aware of prior to the workshop and something I can put to use immediately.

All in all a good day…much thanks to the local Atlanta Salesforce team for hosting the workshop!




Rise of the Rest in Atlanta with Steve Case

Yesterday I was privileged to attend Steve Case’s Rise of the Rest tour stop held in Atlanta at the Opera House on Crescent Street in midtown Atlanta. I have to say it was an awesome event!

Whenever I attend an event at the Opera House I try to get a spot in one of the 2nd floor box seats…where often I’m all alone in a big comfy cushioned seat with a table (to set my laptop) and a great view of the main stage. Today I got a perfect spot from which to watch the show!

The first hour was a fireside chat by Steve where he discussed how Atlanta could increase entrepreneurship through more celebrating of entrepreneurship, mentoring of new entrepreneurs, and connecting; while focusing on Atlanta’s advantages of diversity and large company partnering opportunities.

According to Steve, 75% of all venture capital in the US goes to white men located in three states (New York, Massachusetts, and California).  His #riseofrest message is that we need to level this playing field and provide opportunities to all the other communities of capable entrepreneurs by leveraging the unique strengths found in each community.


Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed was a  surprise speaker at the event who gave a short welcome speech.


For the next two hours we were treated to 5 minute pitches from eight local Atlanta startup companies all competing to win $100,000 from Steve that afternoon! Judging was done by a distinguished panel of judges seen below.


The pitch competitors this afternoon were:

1. Cooleaf

2. Ground Floor

3. local roots

4. Village Micro Fund

5. Zyrobotics

6. eCredable

7. revealestate

8. partpic

All of the pitches were well done. If I had the money I would invest in all of them. But only one won the day with the panel of judges.

And the $100,000 winner was, partpic!


The after-party was held on the outside patio of the Opera House Nightclub. ..very nice indeed!



Some of the tweets from the day…..

“Partnering between startups and large corporations can be a core competence of Atlanta.”

Pitch #5: provides personalized accessible robotic therapy to kids with motor limitations. Company.

Pitch #6. makes every payment count and builds a credit score that uses ALL your payment data.

. uses technology & robotics to help kids with disabilities get therapy in pitch #5

Huge thanks to for bringing his tour to our ATL. Congrts to on the $100k pitch prize.

The 3rd wave of the internet will require more partnerships btwn startups and corporations and government.

The mission of -based is to build a better experience for private real estate transactions.