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Drupalcamp Atlanta Was the Best and Biggest Yet!

I’m still pumped from this year’s Drupalcamp…held on Saturday October 28th at the Galleria Convention Center in Cobb County where they were able to register everyone who wanted to attend in a much larger venue. As a result this was the largest Drupalcamp in Atlanta ever! This year’s schedule included pre-camp training sessions held on Friday. I attended an outstanding intro to Drupal training class from ostraining….which really helped me get more out of my Drupalcamp experience held the next day.

After the morning keynote I attended several breakout sessions throughout the day. My favorite was “Designing for Content Management Systems” by Jared Ponchot where Jared effectively explained concepts like make mantra, user types, content types, and visual hierarchy as part of the step by step process of site design. This one session totally justified Drupalcamp for me. Other sessions I enjoyed were “Beginners Guide to Views” by Steve Burge and “Lets Dig Into the Omega Theme” by Kendall Totten. For me this was by far the best Drupalcamp yet!

Group Photo

The First Drupal Camp Atlanta Was a Hit!

The first Drupal Camp held in Atlanta at Kennesaw State University was awesome. Even though the rain in Atlanta hadn’t stopped for 11 days the turn out was still pretty good with approximately 200 attendees. Thanks to all the great sponsors this was a free event. I won’t list them as you can see who they are on the main event website.

The keynote by Addison Berry was very interesting. Addison is the new Drupal Documentation Lead and a proven expert on how to get involved in the Drupal community. Her basic message was “just do it” and there’s always someone who knows less than you.

The first session I attended was also my fav  of the day. Sheena Donnelly presented “From PSD to Drupal – An Introduction to Theme Development.” Her session was perfect for a Drupal noob like me.

I also enjoyed Mike Schinkel’s session on setting up a Drupal Development Environment in Windows but I don’t have a link to his slides.

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the entire day as I had a granddaughter arriving that day…well technically early Sunday morning.  Which all went very well 🙂