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HTML 5 and CSS 3 Workshop at AWDG

Attended a sold out (estimated 150 in attendence) meetup of the Atlanta Web Design Group held at the Portfolio Center on Bennett Street in Atlanta. Obviously html 5 generates tremendous interest in the web designer community.  Good information was provided by both presenters however a few more practical examples might have left us with more tangible take aways from the evening. My overall impression is that html 5 has more work to do down in the details before being ready for widespread adoption. And that html 5 is currently riding the normal technology hype cycle curve and maybe nearing it’s peak.  I tend to agree with Michael Mahemoff’s blog post that HTML 5 is a brand which in general means  “the technology that makes rich web applications”.

HTML 5 is an exciting technology and a game changer in the web multi-media space. Time will tell how it all plays out.

The Beautiful Web

Thursday evening I attended the Atlanta Web Design Group meetup which was held at it’s usual location, the Portfolio Center on Bennett Street. It was a full house with 112 people signed up for the $10 per person meetup.

The presentation was “The Beautiful Web” by Jason Beaird. Jason is the author of the book The Principles of Beautiful Web Design. His talk was centered on design theory around color, typography, texture, imagery, and layout with critique of websites that exemplify these principles. I’m usually too focused on the technical aspects of a website and so Jason’s talk was a welcome and useful introduction to the non-technical aspects of web design. I immediately ordered his book from Amazon and am looking forward to reading it.