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CodeIgniter, FuelPHP, and Sparks Oh My!

The Atlanta PHP meetup in February was a good one. Nic Rosental gave an entertaining and informative talk on the ecosystem surrounding the CodeIgniter PHP framework. Nic gave a brief overview of each of these platforms:

  • CodeIgniter
  • Sparks (package manager)
  • Bonfire (framework bootstrap)
  • FuelPHP (yet another framework)
  • PyroCMS (free/commercial CMS)
  • ExpressionEngine (commercial CMS)

Before the main presentation Logan Gray gave a quick demo of CodeIgniter.

My impression of CodeIgniter is a lightweight and easy to use framework for PHP which I plan on getting into during 2012. I learned about FuelPHP for the first time at the meetup and and will definitely take an exploratory dive into this promising framework sometime soon.

The sponsor for the meetup,¬†Thompson Technologies, provided catering from Willy’s Mexicana Grill and a Kindle Fire for the end of meeting raffle…nice!