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HTML 5 and CSS 3 Workshop at AWDG

Attended a sold out (estimated 150 in attendence) meetup of the Atlanta Web Design Group held at the Portfolio Center on Bennett Street in Atlanta. Obviously html 5 generates tremendous interest in the web designer community.  Good information was provided by both presenters however a few more practical examples might have left us with more tangible take aways from the evening. My overall impression is that html 5 has more work to do down in the details before being ready for widespread adoption. And that html 5 is currently riding the normal technology hype cycle curve and maybe nearing it’s peak.  I tend to agree with Michael Mahemoff’s blog post that HTML 5 is a brand which in general means  “the technology that makes rich web applications”.

HTML 5 is an exciting technology and a game changer in the web multi-media space. Time will tell how it all plays out.