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Cloud Sherpas

I just read about a startup company made-up of former Emory students called Cloud Sherpas. Their business is to assist companies in migrating to and maintaining Google Enterprise Apps. They also do Google App Engine development. This is a great service (and a great name) since most small companies don’t realize the value and reduced cost they could achieve by adopting Google Enterprise Applications for email, shared documents, collaboration websites (for employees, customers, and partners), groups, and chat (voice and text) just to name a few of the services available from Google at little or no cost to the business. I’m not sure why a small to mid-size business today would want to do anything else especially given the tight economic times we are in now. And I have to add that whoever thought up the name Cloud Sherpas is a genius.

Atlanta Python Rocks

I attended Sept Atlanta Python meetup last night. As usual this meetup is packed with info on the latest and coolest in computing…Adobe Flex (as a front end to python of course), an intro to Amazon Web Services, and a Google App Engine app for an iphone. The AWS talk focused on EC2 and the new elastic block storage (think virtual hard drive). And the flex talk highlighted PyAMF which provides the integration between Adobe Flex/Flash and most popular python frameworks.

This meeting everyone introduced themselves…good to see many people were new to python. And I’m always encouraged when I see a bunch of old guys (like me) still hanging in there staying in the game. As a bonus I learned about a cool video training site for python and ruby called ShowMedo and a new blog to follow on cloud computing by a local (to Atlanta) guy, John Willis, who heads up the local Atlanta cloud computing meetup, AWSome.